Looking for Moss March 14, 2007

Rainier OR: Marvin and I examined his backyard for moss species. We found a couple Trillium about to burst into bloom but it is still a bit early. According to Marvin’s log they are found on March 15th and today is the 14th.

Moss at Marvin’s 3/14/2007

Then we wandered down to the Beaver Creek canyon near Delena. Not much action there yet although we found a few Trillium in full bloom.

Marvin noticed this beauty, a hazelnut pistillate bloom. The staminate flower is a delicate looking catkin and will be found on the same plant. Why didn’t I take a picture of it? A light breeze was blowing and I couldn’t get it to hold still for a picture.

Hazelnut bloom
hazelnut pistillate flower


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