About Taxaflora

This website was developed for the purpose of exhibiting pictures of nature… mostly wildflowers… but anything occurring in nature is fair game. We encourage our friends to contribute pictures and stories but we reserve the right to edit comments and pictures.

The picture that forms the background for the logo above was taken at Lost Lake Campground, Hood River County, Oregon. I call it a six dollar picture, referring to the cost of entering the campground (and that’s after a half price reduction using my golden age passport… else it would have been a twelve dollar picture). Marvin also had a golden age passport so I asked the host if that meant we got in for free… she replied that meant Marvin got in free but I still had to pay half price.

Notice there are forums and galleries to explore. Return to the main page (home) and check the menu on the right side for local links to these two features. In the gallery click on the picture to get a larger picture or enter the album… then, a larger picture may be available by clicking on the selector at the upper right. Enjoy.


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