About Lists

Do you keep lists? There are generally two types. What you have done or what you want to do. Checklists might fall in both categories. We are planning to exhibit lists of wildflowers you might find in specific places in Oregon. Our lists will use the names as referenced in Hitchcock & Cronquist (Flora of the Pacific Northwest). Eventually we hope to exhibit photos of some of those flowers.

The ultimate list maker is the database provided by the Oregon State University Herbarium.

We cannot begin to compete with its capability. If you don’t use it already you will be amazed at what it can do for you. As an example: Say I want to look for Calochortus bruneaunis. I can search the genera, the species and look in any or all counties. It will provide times and specific locations of previous collections. If I’m lucky I can also find a reasonable picture of the plant as well. I use it to plan field trips when I am hunting for a specific flower.

Iron Mountain, Linn County (link)

Saddle Mountain, Clatsop County (link)

Steens Mountain, Harney County (link)


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