About Mosses

This is really about bryophytes, a much bigger concept, but we were afraid if we titled it “About Bryophytes” the audience might be too small. And, perhaps this way we can introduce the broader subject to more people.

Marvin Kellar and I took a bryophytes class from Doctor David Wagner at the University of Oregon campus in May. To say we were not overwhelmed early and often would be an exaggeration but we found the subject interesting. Marvin emailed a friend about our plans to take the class and the friend wondered why he would be taking a class on Moses… there is a Mount Pisgah near Eugene and we did go there but no biblical revelations appeared to us. There were other revelations in the botanical sense.

The bryophytes are challenging. One may need some magnification and in some cases micro-technique to see the identifying key characteristics. But, after some familiarity one can sight recognize many of the species. Photographing the bryophytes can be challenging also… some are impossible. You can find our efforts in a slide show… in some cases we can provide scientific names, otherwise we were just intrigued with the art.


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