Climbing Saddle Mountain, Clatsop County, OR

May 29, 2007: Saddle Mountain, Clatsop County, OR: Marvin and I headed for Saddle Mountain State Park, determined to climb at least to the two mile point. The trail is steep and rocky. Good hiking boots are recommended. The views from the top are spectacular.

It was a delightful summer day and we enjoyed visiting with the other hikers on the trail. No doubt they wondered about those two old guys loaded down with camera gear, peering at nearly every flower along the trail and muttering to themselves in Latin.

Sometimes they would find us flat on our bellies, sprawled out in the trail, and I’ll bet they wondered for a moment if they needed to start a rescue operation. There would be an air of relief when they discovered we were just looking for the proper perspective for a killer picture of some tiny flower.

It might be interesting to hear their conversation after they passed us.

We’re happy to share our enthusiasm and joy for the day.


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