Round Lake, Marion County, OR

June 6, 2007: Round Lake, Marion County, OR: Lucy, a wire-haired terrier, and I decided to return to Round Lake. One of the pictures I took on the last trip wasn’t very good and I was determined to replace it with a better photo. Usually I am careful about noting location just in case of such a possibility but in this case evidently I got distracted. Perhaps I thought it would be too easy to find again. Perhaps you can see where this story is going.

I originally found the plant roadside and had its location narrowed down to a six mile stretch of road. Ordinarily I use the odometer to locate myself within a tenth of a mile which usually suffices. If the plant has special significance I note its position by GPS.

On the trip inbound to Round Lake I noticed the flower roadside but as it was raining I decided to stop on the way back. Guess what… I drove that section of road four times and didn’t see the flower again. Which upholds one of Murphy’s Laws.

Never pass a plant by thinking you will see another one… you won’t, and you won’t be able find the original again either. If you stop you will be guaranteed finding much better specimens a little way farther down the road… it’s a fact of life.

Penstemon Round Lake Road 6/6/2007

The day wasn’t lost. Other flowers were available… this beautiful penstemon was willing to pose.



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