Round Lake, Marion County, OR

June 22, 2007: Round Lake, Marion County, OR: Chris and I have been watching a plant and hoping that we might see it bloom. We expected to see an Iris unfold so we have been stopping by every week since we found the plant. Today was one of those days and were we surprised. It wasn’t an Iris at all but it was a Rush. If I got it right it is Juncus ensifolius.

Bear Grass is at its peak… at least at 4,000 feet elevation…

Bear Grass
Bear Grass Xerophyllum tenax

and Washington Lily is just starting.

Washington Lily
Washington Lily FSR 63 Round Lake 6/22/2007

We also saw some Tiger Lily along the Clackamas River. Penstemon is just gorgeous at the higher elevation. It’s a good time to be in the woods.


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