Bird Creek Meadows

July 28, 2007, Bird Creek Meadows, Yakama Nation: Near Mount Adams, known as Klickitat to the Yakama Nation, resides one of the most beautiful wildflower habitats in the Northwest. Marvin and I were determined to hike in and see the sights. We have been there before but the trip is always worthwhile.

It was a warm summer day and the parking lot was already full of cars. We would have company on the trail today. Cameras ready we began the short climb to the meadows.

Western Tanager
Western Tanager (Piranga ludoviciana) Bird Creek Meadows 7/28/2007 birds

Just after departing the parking lot we noticed several Western Tanagers (Piranga ludoviciana). We managed to get a few pictures but the birds were camera shy and wouldn’t stay in any one place for very long.

Even though we had sprayed ourselves liberally with bug repellent little biting flies made themselves obnoxious. I’m sure I inhaled several as they buzzed about my eyes and mouth.

We decided to change our route to include a hike (several miles) to a waterfall located on Crooked Creek near the intersection of the #100 trail and the #9 trail.

Water Fall
Bird Meadows Waterfall, notice woman to rignt side

The #9 trail allows pack animal use (banned on the other trails) so the trail is well established and cut several feet deep in spots.

The sun took its toll on us so we decided to call it a day without climbing to Hells Roaring Viewpoint.

Back at Trout Lake we decided to turn north on State Highway 141 and head for the Pinchot National Forest. I imagined that this route back to the Columbia River was shorter than our inbound route.

A big black bear ambled across the road in front of us but moved too quickly for pictures. We weren’t about to follow it into the brush looking for another photo opportunity.

Our “short-cut” turned out to be one mile longer than our inbound route but we enjoyed the trip.


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