Acer circinatum

October 3, 2007: Forest Service Road 46, Detroit, Marion County, OR: Sometimes when I’m in Salem on business I take a detour on the way home and drive up the Santiam Highway to Detroit, then take Forest Service road 46 north to State Highway 224 and Estacada. It’s about seventy miles between gasoline stations so if you take this route be prepared.

Today was a stormy fall day. Thunderstorms were moving through the area and hail/rainfall was very heavy at times. The weather forecast was calling for a snow level of 3,500 feet and because FSR 46 is not maintained during the winter the road could be blocked by snow. But not today.

Fall colors have not reached their peak but with the heavy rain knocking leaves off the trees the colors might not last. To fully enjoy the colors one needs a little sunshine to enhance the vibrancy of reds, oranges, and yellows.

Vine Maple
Autumn Vine Maple Hwy 46 Detroit 10/3/2007 Marion County



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