Oregon Mycological Society

October 21, 2007: Portland OR: Forestry Center: From Noon to Five today… the Mycological Society exhibits fungi (See the tab “About Fungi”) at the Forestry Building in Washington Park… it is an exceptional display. Not only do you see many, many species of fungi but you can rub shoulders with the people that know the mushrooms. I had the pleasure of again meeting Dr. Lippert, Professor Emeritus from PSU, (my botany professor at Portland State many years ago). There are slide shows, cooking shows, expert identification options… books available for sale… as one lady who drove all the way from Milton-Freewater said, “I live all year for this one day.” It’s that good.

Amanita muscaria
Mushroom (Amanita muscaria) Oceanside

Amanita muscaria (said to be deadly poisonous). It is also referred to as “the Alice in Wonderland” mushroom. In Europe it was eaten to produce hallucinations but again, it is considered to be deadly poisonous. Do not eat it.

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