Hamilton Mountain, Skamania County, WA

November 2, 2007, Hamilton Mountain, Skamania County, WA: Margo and I hiked this trail June 2, 1969. She wrote in the margin of our “100 Oregon Hiking Trails” (by Don and Roberta Lowe) “good hike, steep trail, 2 1/2 hours up, 2 hours down”. In those days, before children (BC), we intended to hike all 100 trails. We did the majority of those and we were nearly always alone on the trails. It was a surprise to meet someone. But today, even during the week, the trails can be crowded and this day was no exception. The small parking lot at trail head was full of vehicles.

Chris, Lucy, and I didn’t intend to climb to the top. We were intent on looking at Rodney Falls and perhaps climbing high enough to see the spectacular view of Bonneville Dam and the Columbia Gorge.

There are two major water falls along the trail. Hardy Falls has the greatest drop but is below the trail and although scenic is not photogenic. Rodney Falls is a series of tumbles rather than a single drop. Getting all of it into the viewfinder is a challenge. A cloudy day would be better for photography because of contrast issues between sunlight and shade.

Rodney Falls
Rodney Falls Hamilton Mountain 11/2/2007 Skamania County WA

Soon after passing Rodney Falls we ran out of ambition and returned to the parking lot. Perhaps on another day we will make the climb to the top.


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