Geography Test

Mount Hood

How well do you know the state of Oregon? Here is a geography test. Do you know the name of the highest hill in Oregon? Every resident of the state would know. But, would they know what the Native Americans called it? And what Lewis and Clark called it when they made their trip down the Columbia? The mountain was thought to be the highest in North America with an estimated height of over 19,000 feet. Today the height is generally accepted as 11,240 feet.

Mount Jefferson

If that was too easy then what is the second tallest mountain? What did the Native Americans call it? The British gave it a different name than what we call it now. It was the only high Cascades mountain named by Lewis and Clark… that should be a good clue. It reaches an elevation of 10, 497 feet and is occasionally mistaken for the highest mountain in the state.

Three Sisters

Can you name the next three highest mountains? (An outrageous clue, by the way.) Their names have undergone a change also… can you provide those names? All elevations exceed 10,000 feet. Extra points will be given for the Native American names of those hills. Have fun searching the internet for the answers.


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