Finding Conboy Lake Refuge

Finding Conboy Lake Refuge was our goal for today. Having heard positive comments about the Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge located near Glenwood, WA, we decided to give it a try. Google maps plotted a course for us from our home to the refuge. However, when we followed the directions we ended up at a locked gate on the opposite side of the lake from the headquarters. Apparently the Google location was positioned in the middle of the refuge. It wasn’t a big deal to circle the lake and find the correct road but it does seem an easy correction to make.

Headquarters found, we took a moment to visit with the Park Ranger before trying the hiking trail. The trail follows along an irrigation ditch for about a mile to an observation platform and then loops back through the forest to headquarters.  It was an enjoyable stroll through the woods on a pleasant day. We were a bit early in the season for flowers and the migratory birds haven’t begun to arrive in numbers. We did see a Western Tanager (Piranga rubra) and heard some Sandhill Cranes. A few butterflies were out in numbers, the Mourning Cloak and Western Pine Elfin were the most numerous with a few Silvery Blues.

Western Tanager
bird Western Tanager (Piranga rubra) 462 Conboy Lake NWR Klickitat County WA

We will put the refuge on our list of places for a return visit.


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