Malheur Adventure

While in Burns the other day I visited the BLM office west of town. I was looking for a good road map of Harney county, not a highway map like most places have to hand out.

Used to be BLM maps were free but now they use them as a fund raiser… this one was nine dollars. The clerk was kind enough to toss in a couple older related maps that have been updated so now are treated as trash.

I also picked up one of those visitor guides… you know the type, they are published in newsprint and contain info (ads) from all the local businesses along with stories about places to see and things to do.

Hunting is a big tourist attraction for Harney County and one of its residents is a noted hunter… he told a great story (like most hunters can) but the picture of him and his caribou made me chuckle… not many caribou in Harney County or Oregon either for that matter.

Another feature that caught my eye was a checklist for hunters… nothing spoils a hunting trip like forgetting to bring your rifle or maybe the ammunition… good idea to have a checklist. I’m going to reproduce it here… hope they don’t mind if I add a few items.

> License/tags

>Small mirror

>Firearm/proper ammunition

>Blaze orange clothing

>Two knives/sharpening stone

>Hunting regulations

>Small hand saw

>Food for at least one day; water (2 quarts)

>50 ft. thin nylon rope (550 cord)

>Orange flagging ribbon

>$20 cash (are you kidding… maybe $200 cash)


>first aid kit


>Emergency blanket


>Cell phone


>Mechanical alarm clock


>Tell someone where you are going and when you will return



In this more modern era of plastic money you should remember to check the expiration dates on your credit cards and see that you have blank checks in your checkbook… It’s real embarrassing to have the clerk hand you your card and say that it has been refused, then open your check book and find it empty.

I would add an axe and a small chainsaw… also an extra set of keys for your vehicle in case you leave one set in the ignition and lock the doors… a camera and maybe a GPS  unit.

Don’t forget to check the tire pressure in the spare tire… and maybe put in a fresh can of “fix-a-flat”

On a personal note I would include some toilet paper and a trenching shovel unless you plan to stay in a State Park where vault toilets and toilet paper are provided. If not bring a bucket and pack it out. If you actually kill something the bucket can come in handy to carry the heart and liver.

Then I would look for a young husky partner to carry most of the stuff.


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