Swarovski trial digiscope

I’m in Harney County Oregon, where there is plenty of wide open space, so yesterday when I spotted a herd of mule deer off in the distance, far beyond the reach of my camera lens, I thought of doing a Swarovski trial digiscope. I estimated the range to the deer to be about 1, 000 yards. My eight power binoculars could just make out the antler rack on one of the bucks so that one became the target.

I mounted the Swarovski 95mm on my Manfrotto 504 HD tripod (it weighs a ton and is very stable), leveled the bubble, set the scope to 30X, located the buck and locked azimuth and elevation, zoomed in to 70X, checked the focus… perfect… mounted the camera on the scope and then couldn’t find the deer by looking through the camera.

I took the camera off the scope and the deer was still smack dab in the center of the Swarovski optics. (By the way, at this distance any attempt at adjustment will cause the target to “fly away”) It would be helpful to have a vernier for this thing! Somehow mating the camera to the Swarovski caused a misalignment in the system.

Anyway, eventually the camera and deer came together with a rather poor result… there’s a learning curve with taking good pictures and I have some experimenting to do. Picture added below.


Mule deer
Mule deer at 1000 yards


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