Malheur Mammal List

This winter (2012-13) I had the privilege of spending nearly a month at the Malheur Field Station (MFS) in Harney County, Oregon. If you are ever in need of solitude you will find it here. The population of Harney County is about 8, 500 people and over half of those live in Burns and Hines. Most of my time was spent wandering near MFS and observing the wildlife. Ordinarily I’m not a list maker but I have learned the value of listing what I see. More scientific value could be applied if I also included exact times and places which, eventually, I will extract from my journal. Let’s start with the mammal list (other than humans, which could be added properly to the mammal list.)

Antelope, Badger, Beaver, Bobcat, Chipmunk (Least), Coyote, Deer (Mule deer), Elk, Fox (Kit Fox), Bighorn Sheep, Horses (wild), Otter (River Otter), Rabbit (Cottontail and Black-tailed Jackrabbit), Raccoon, Skunk, Squirrel (Belding ground squirrel), Weasel (long tailed).



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