The Troutlake Big Tree

Ralph Anderson and "Big Tree" Troutlake, pharmacy WAThe Troutlake “Big Tree”: Do you know of any big trees? This Ponderosa Pine near Troutlake, WA, is a dandy. Ralph Anderson (in picture), using  proper forestry technique, measured the circumference of this tree at 21 feet 10 inches.

According to forestry technique the standard for measuring the lumber content of a tree is to determine the diameter at breast height (d.b.h).  The easiest way to do that is to measure the circumference of the tree. The difficult part is to determine the height of the tree. That chore is now easier to accomplish using laser measuring tools.

If you remember your high school  mathematics and divide the circumference by Pi (3.14159…) you will find the Big Tree is about seven feet in diameter. It’s still not the largest tree in the land but it ranks up there with the best Ponderosa Pine.  Photo taken 26 June 2013


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