My Redwood Tree is Bigger than Yours

My redwood tree is bigger than yours… Ralph claimed the record for the largest Redwood tree in Oregon but I thought maybe one I had seen might give him a run for his money. We organized a trip to Curry County near Brookings to settle the challenge.

Normally the term “redwood” is associated with California but Oregon has a few native trees in Curry County, a few miles north of the California state line. In addition, a few more have been planted around Oregon, perhaps retrieved as a memento from a trip to California. But in general, California residents ridicule the size of Oregon’s Redwoods.

Ralph Anderson recorded the largest redwood tree in Oregon but I was determined to show him one size bigger. It turned out we were talking about the same grove of trees but the idea there might be a bigger tree seemed worthy of a trip to Curry County.

Ralph wanted to check on his tree to see if it was still standing, renew his claim and look at anything I thought might break his record. If something happened to damage his tree there might be a new champion for Oregon.

When we arrived at Brookings it was pouring rain as usual for a coastal community in Oregon. The road up Peavine Ridge put us into the fog belt that is essential for the growth of huge Redwood trees.

Oregon Redwood tree
Ralph Anderson and Oregon Redwood 38 feet Circumference

We donned raincoats and hiked the loop trail to measure a few of the larger trees… the largest was 38 feet in circumference and a magnificent tree but short of the forty feet or more that Ralph felt was necessary to challenge his tree. Points are also awarded for height and canopy spread but the most points come from diameter at breast height.

Ralph previously recorded two trees that were over 40 feet circumference, one we relocated near the road but the champion was off road a distance, lost in the fog. After a brief search he was unable to locate the tree.

Too bad… now we will have to go back and try again. Here’s to better weather next time.


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