Northwest Forest Pass Required

Ralph and I were greeted at the trail head for one of Oregon’s most outstanding hiking trails by the sign shown below. The need for a pass was new to me but since I had not hiked the trail for several years I was surprised. Purchasing a pass on site is out of the question so the search for a ticket agent began.

We drove to Cascade Locks and tried several dealers but no one seemed to know where the pass could be purchased.

It occurred to us that perhaps the agents at Multnomah Falls would know.

Eureka… they were willing and able to sell us a pass. Then I thought to ask about my Golden Age Pass. To my surprise the agent said I wouldn’t need the Northwest Forest Pass if I had any of the federal park passes.

If you read the fine print on the sign no mention is made that any other pass is applicable. Do you wonder how many people buy a pass they don’t need?



pass required sign at Eagle Creek... wait a minute
pass required sign at Eagle Creek… wait a minute
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