Trees, Rocks and Beyond

“I have written a book,” said Ralph and as a teaser he added, “and you are in it… there’s a chapter about ‘Traveling with Larry’… The title is ‘Trees, Rocks and Beyond’ (by Ralph E. Anderson) and it is for sale on Amazon.”

Of course, I had to buy one.

Ralph and I were classmates in high school and teammates on the track team. He was from Delena and I was from Fern Hill so our social lives did not intertwine. We graduated in 1957. That was the last time I saw him. We went to separate colleges. Joined separate military services. Married and raised a family. And now we were a couple elderly, retired guys. Some 55 years after parting company at graduation Ralph knocked on my door and reintroduced himself.

Ralph spent his working days as a carpenter. I had several professions and several retirements but my hobby was becoming a certified naturalist and photographer. Maybe because of his lifetime association with wood Ralph was fascinated with trees. I was fascinated with trees because they are part of nature.

Ralph traveled the world to look at trees. I traveled Oregon to observe and photograph nature, which included trees. When I would mention a tree, Ralph would want to go see it. The title of my book will be, “Traveling with Ralph” because we ended up looking at more than trees. Occasionally we traveled to look at rocks. And, if I broached the subject, occasionally we discussed ‘Beyond’. We have traveled the borders of Oregon, and we have crisscrossed the state.

I suggest reading the category “Traveling with Ralph.” Some of these stories are included in Ralph’s book, from his point of view. My point of view may be different in opinion but hopefully the same in fact.

Stories will be added from time to time, this is a work in progress… enjoy.


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